Co-curated & co-performed with Charlene Galea

IAM Contemporary

25 November 2022 - 26 November 2021

go fund me or go fund myself myself is a self-funded satirical text-based performance exhibition made using hand-me-downs, materials found on the streets and resources already available from previous projects. 
 A lot of artists have always relied on other jobs to fund their own expressions- out of choice and/or out of rejection from a world that often favours the privileged or the established. The performance introspectively exaggerates different professional personas created through social etiquette and/or class division. 

The made-up "ta kaf kaf" movement is brought up; partly a nod to the dadaists, the movement is a result of a stoned conversation while making a mistake on an artwork at 8pm after work, and deciding to run with the theme throughout the show, pushing further the reference of the fast-paced society our bodies try to function in. 

Brandon Portelli and Kathryn Morrison improvised their own expressions using a piano and an electric guitar respectively, throughout the performances on different days, adding different tones to the piece.

All Images © Bobb Attard 2023 except when stated
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