is a series of digitally augmented images of buildings in Pristina, highlighting the impact of overdevelopment on the environment and our daily lives.
As a native of Malta, a postcolonial island which faces serious issues of urban planning dictated by deep-seated corruption, the similarities in Pristina immediately caught my attention. These buildings, often built as investments and then left uninhabited, are gradually eliminating open green spaces, thus affecting the environment and our wellbeing in order to satisfy the human desire of excess.

A variety of buildings are digitally altered, insinuating the existence of a perspective from which things appear different to what we are used to. This aims to alter the viewer’s perspective,
while highlighting the problem of overconsumption, eventually giving the audience an opportunity to have their own verdict on this ever-developing problem. 

All Images © Bobb Attard 2023 except when stated
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